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De Sims 3 Roaring Heights: Nieuwe blog

Hey Simmers! With The Sims 3 Roaring Heights release right around the corner, next Thursday December 12, 2013, Designer Alan Copeland is here to tell you about one of exciting new features, The Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car!

Read on below to learn about the things you can do with The Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car! Click here to learn more about The Sims 3 Roaring Heights!

Have you seen all of the buzz about the new world, Roaring Heights? The world has some amazing sights to see, so it only seems fitting that you should cruise around in style!

So I present to you the Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car!

Er is een nieuwe blog geplaatst over De Sims 3 Roaring Heights. Wil jij hem verder lezen Klik dan hier!

The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow: The Doe Family

Not all the Sims in Midnight Hollow are eccentric. The Doe family appears to be the epitomy of normal, but then again appearances can be deceiving right? Producer Lisa Smith does not seem to be fooled by their perfect appearance. Learn more about The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow, available Thursday, September 26th on The Sims 3 Store!
The Doe family appears to be the picture of perfection. Jane is the perfect housewife, John is rising in the ranks at his corporate job, and their children are respectful and accomplished. With a life this perfect, we can’t help but wonder what it was that brought them to Midnight Hollow? What are they hiding behind their bright smiles?

The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow: The Vasquez Family

Did you spot these two Sims in The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Trailer? Get to know them a bit more in this interview! Only The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow comes packed with exclusive Sims!
Marina Vasquez is spitfire of an woman. Her personal philosophy of “I’ve lived this long, so why not?!” how amassed her a small personal fortune, eclectic (rich tacky?) taste, and a slew of failed marriages, but that won’t slow her down. She’s fallen head over heels for Fausto and though he’s 25 years younger than her she just knows that he’s the one! And if he’s not? She’s lived this long! So why not?
Fausto Vasquez has always been known for his good looks and his charming personality and he rode on those traits for most of his life. Now as he sees his youth fading and realizes he has no real talent or experience to speak of he realizes he needs a new plan. He can love someone significantly older than him right? Or at least pretend to for awhile?
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Producer Blog: Meet Lucien Hyde of Midnight Hollow

Who is Lucien Hyde and what is he doing in Midnight Hollow? Read Designer Alan Copeland’s interview and find out! See if you can spot him in The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Trailer! To learn more about Midnight Hollow, click here!



Lucien is a tortured artist whose only torturer is himself.  He enjoys being sad and the better he is, the sadder he gets.  It’s his thing.
Good morning, Lucien!  Thanks for joining us today.
Hyde:  Aren’t we a little past the general presumption that just because it’s morning that life defaults to being “good”?  Today is the same quagmire of hopelessness and despair as yesterday or the day before that.  
Ok, well then “hello” and again, thank you for joining us.  
Hyde:  *Sigh* Whatever. 
We understand that you’re an artist.  Tell us a little about that.
Hyde:  I don’t define myself as an “Artist”.  I am an observer of the darkness that surround us and reside within us.  I use a variety of media to shine a spotlight on that darkness for the world to see.
Um, OK.  But doesn’t a spotlight actually get rid of darkness?
Hyde:  You must think you’re SO clever.  Typical media.  
Maybe we should change topics.  What brought you to Midnight Hollow?
Hyde:  I used to spend my days on the beach in Sunlit Tides but my girlfriend left me for a Masseuse.  Thanks for bringing up that painful and bitter part of my life.  
I’m sorry to hear that.  Have you met anyone since moving into town?
Hyde: Kara Carter seems pretty interesting.  Or not.  She has a rather eclectic sense of style.  Makes you wonder what secrets she’s trying to cover up with all of that fashion.  
Finally, tell us a little something people might not know about you.
Hyde: My mother says I have a delightful sense of humor.


[eng] De Sims 3 Store producer blog

I have a special surprise for you! Check out what Designer Alan Copeland has to say about this new hot summer set, Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Collection. Available on The Sims 3 Store August 1st!

Hey folks… what’s up? If your answer is anything other than “Surf” go back and reconsider your answer. That’s right, it’s time to grab your board and head on out to the beach because I’m here to show off the “Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Collection”!

Screenshot 1


Set up your Surf’s Up Sun & Fun Wave Station in a pool, pond, ocean or any decent sized body of water, then it’s time to pick a board.

Screenshot 2


Only a poser Sim goes to the beach without a custom board. So along with the six different presets you can also go in and fully modify the texture of your board.
Then it’s time to hit the waves!

Screenshot 4


It doesn’t matter if your Sim wants to hang ten or try something a little wilder, the Sun and Fun Wave Station will let them show off their skills! Even Grandpa gets in on the fun!

Screenshot 5


Screenshot 6


Wait… what is that under the water?!


Screenshot 7

[ENG] Producer Blog: Run Your Own Restaurant

Deze blog is net verschenen in het Engels, nu nog wachten op de Nederlandse versie!

Check out what Designer Alan Copeland has to say about the new venue, Business as Usual Bistro, he created for The Sims 3!  The Business as Usual Bistro will be available on The Sims 3 Store July 18th. 
Design is a lot like shopping on a budget.  You only get so many days of development in each department –Art, Audio, Engineering, etc. – to make something really special.  Having a Non Player Character (or NPC for short) work on a Store item was always something that was too big for that budget… until now.
Thanks to our talented Development Team I’m proud to introduce you to our newest The Sims 3 venue, The Business as Usual Bistro!


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Producer blog: Maak je eigen restaurant

Deze blog is jammer genoeg nog niet in het Nederlands en alleen in het Duits te lezen. We hebben het stuk voor nu even door Google Translate gehaald voor jullie zodat jullie het toch kunnen lezen. Mochten er hier en daar dingen raar staan dan weten jullie in ieder geval dat het daar aan ligt! Wanneer de Nederlandse of Engelse versie van deze blog verschijnt, plaatsen wij deze natuurlijk ook!

Ervaar wat designer Alan Copeland gerapporteerd heeft over de nieuwe locatie Bistro “Kook als een pro”, deze heeft hij ontworpen voor De Sims 3! De Bistro is vanaf 18 Juli verkrijgbaar via De Sims 3 Store.

Om iets dat is zoveel als winkelen met een beperkt budget te ontwerpen. Elke sectie – weg audio, engineering, etc. – is er slechts een beperkte hoeveelheid tijd om iets heel bijzonders te ontwikkelen. Om een niet-speler karakter (NPC) werk in een winkel hebben, was altijd te veel moeite voor deze korte tijd … tot nu toe.

Dankzij onze getalenteerde ontwikkelingsteam, kan nu met trots aanwezig om u de nieuwste locatie voor De Sims 3 I: “Koken als een pro” de bistro


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