Zoete Hapjes Strijd-evenement begonnen in De Sims Mobile

Sinds de ontwikkeling van De Sims Mobile is overgenomen door Firemonkeys heeft het spel niet heel veel nieuwe content gezien. Wel kregen we een belangrijke quality of life update en daarna wat kleine evenementen, maar weinig schokkends.

Vandaag begint echter weer het eerste grotere evenement in maanden, de Zoete Hapjes Strijd. In de basis is het evenement vergelijkbaar met de eerdere evenementen, maar met een twist: er zijn geen missies meer en in plaats daarvan een bakwedstrijdevenement. In dit evenement neem je het op tegen een professionele kok en probeer je zover mogelijk te geraken. Tijdens iedere ronde wordt je kans om te winnen lager, maar die kun je dan weer verhogen door speciale interacties te voltooien.

Belangrijker is echter dat je voortaan geen dubbele prijzen meer kunt ontvangen! De prijzenkisten zijn weliswaar duurder, maar iedereen weet inmiddels wel hoe moeilijk het kan zijn de laatste voorwerpen te verzamelen.

Hieronder vind je de patch opmerkingen, het blogbericht over het evenement en de bijbehorende post met veelgestelde vragen.

Update 15.0.2

Patty Cakes, de beroemde banketbakker, is aangekomen in SimStad om jou uit te dagen in de spannende bakshow, Zoete Hapjes Strijd! Dit vind je in deze update:

  • Creëer culinaire lekkernijen in twee overheerlijke, speciale bakwedstrijdevenementen! Klop je creaties op in de strijd tegen rivaliserende bakkers en voltooi elk recept om beloond te worden met verrassingskisten vol zeldzame voorwerpen.
  • Laat zien wat je waard bent en win prachtige tuinspullen en landelijke prijzen. Geniet ook van de nieuwe kapsels, stijlvolle decoraties, openhaarden, tuingereedschappen en zelfs een wensput voor je Sims.

Sweet Treat Showdown Update

Sul, sul!

Oh Simmers, we missed you! The team has been working away diligently and are pleased to be able to share our next update with you all. I’m happy to say today is the day! The main focus for this one is a new type of Live Event…

Sweet Treat Showdown

The Sweet Treat Showdown is a new reality TV show in SimTopia, where your Sims get the chance to bake off against professional chefs for a chance to earn fancy prizes! The host of the show  – Patty Cakes – will be there to guide your Sims through the event.

There will be two Sweet Treat Showdown live events this update – the first will be featuring a “Country Living” themed set of prizes, and the second features a “Charming Gardens” themed set of prizes!

Here are some details about how the Sweet Treat Showdown works:

  • Gameplay:
    • We’ve added a new gameplay feature called the “Sweet Treat Challenge,” where your Sim gets to bake-off in a special bakery venue in Parkside against a professional chef.
    • In the challenge, your Sim must overcome a series of rounds, baking a fancy pastry or dessert in each. Your Sim gets to engage in risk/reward style gameplay – play it safe and claim the prizes from the early rounds, or take some risks and go for the juicy rewards from the later rounds!
    • This is the best place to earn Sweet Treat Tokens and Royal Treat Tokens. However, you can still earn these from the other events available in the activities tab.
  • Prizes:
    • There are two prizes for the event – the Sweet Treat Box has a large selection of prizes, and then the Royal Treat Box has a smaller selection of even more rare/valuable prizes. Each are purchased with a different type of token earned throughout activities within the event.
    • Prizes no longer award duplicates! This means you’ll always earn a new prize or variant each time you open the box. After opening it enough times, you’re guaranteed to get every prize.
    • There’s a Grand Prize! The grand prize is awarded once you’ve earned the contents of both prize boxes.

Other Changes

Secret Agent and Surgeon Quests

Similar to the Photography and Internet Icon quests, Secret Agent and Surgeon quests have been set up to trigger based on player level – level 12 and 17 respectively. Any player who hasn’t completed these quests will get a chance to try them at these levels, and for anyone above these levels, they will trigger when the update launches (one at a time).

Wumples’ Wishlist Quests

Expect more this update with some all-new prizes!

We have also created a Sweet Treat Showdown FAQ, which you can also find posted in our news section! Hope you enjoy the update, talk soon Simmers!

Vix xo

Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

Get ready to shake, bake, and rake-in the prizes, Simmers!

Patty Cakes – the Sim celebrity pastry chef – has arrived in SimTropolis to turn up the heat and challenge you to a ‘bake-off’ style gameshow: Sweet Treat Showdown! This is a new type of Live Event to The Sims Mobile.

Read this handy Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how it works!

Q – What is the Sweet Treat Showdown?

A – The Sweet Treat Showdown is a new reality-style TV show in SimTropolis where your Sims get the chance to bake-off against professional chefs for a chance to earn fancy prizes! The host of the show – Patty Cakes – will be there to guide your Sims through the event.

Q – How do I participate in the Sweet Treat Showdown?

A – If there is a Sweet Treat Showdown event running, you can access it via the live event icon in the top right of the screen.

Q – How do I open the prize boxes in the Sweet Treat Showdown?

A – There are two prize boxes in each Sweet Treat Showdown – the Sweet Treat Box which can be opened with Sweet Treat Tokens, and the Royal Treat Box which can be opened with Royal Treat Tokens.

Q – Can I be awarded duplicate items from the two prize boxes?

A – No! These boxes will not award duplicates. Once you’ve earned a particular prize, it won’t be awarded again from that box. Each prize you earn is also unlocked and made available in buy mode, so you can purchase extra copies of the item for your homes. This means that each prize box can eventually reach a ‘completed’ state, where you’ve earned all of its prizes, and won’t be able to open more of that box.

Q – Where do I get Sweet Treat Tokens and Royal Treat Tokens?

A – You can earn these from participating in the Sweet Treat Challenge or other Events in the ‘Activities’ tab of the main Sweet Treat Showdown screen, which can be accessed via the live event icon in the top right of the screen.

Q – How do I earn the Grand Prize?

A – The Grand Prize is awarded after you’ve earned all the prizes within the Sweet Treat Box and the Royal Treat Box. You can track how close you are by looking at the progress bar shown beneath the Grand Prize on the main Sweet Treat Showdown screen.

Sweet Treat Challenge

Q – How do I participate in the Sweet Treat Challenge?

A – You can find the option to participate in the ‘Activities’ tab of the main Sweet Treat Showdown screen, or by visiting the Parkside district and tapping the icon above the baking station.

Q – How often can I participate in the Sweet Treat Challenge?

A – The Sweet Treat Challenge cooldown works differently to other events. You can store up to 3 ‘Attempts’ for this challenge, meaning your Sim can potentially do it 3 times in a row. As you use your attempts, a new one will be added every 8 hours, accumulating back up to the limit of 3.

Q – Can you explain how the Sweet Treat Challenge works?

A – Each time you attempt a Sweet Treat Challenge, your Sim will be matched up with an opponent professional chef. Your Sim will bake over several rounds, trying to create pastries and desserts set by their opponent. For each round they win, they will add rewards to their Prize Basket. After each round, your Sim can choose to collect the contents of their Prize Basket and end their run, or continue to the next round. The contents of the Prize Basket isn’t added to your storage until you win the final round, or choose to collect your prizes and end the run between rounds.

Q – How do I win a round in the Sweet Treat Challenge?

A – To complete a round, your Sim has to do the “Bake it!” action on the baking station. When they do this, they have a chance to succeed or fail, similar to the risky actions in regular events. If they succeed, the rewards from that round are added to their Prize Basket and the challenge continues. If they fail, they get the option to either take a consolation prize, or ask for Patty’s help to fix their dessert, which lets them continue the challenge.

Q – How do I improve my chance of winning a round?

A – Your Sim can improve their chance of winning a round by performing ‘prep’ actions around the bakery location. These actions will each show how much they will boost the chance of success. Your Sim can continue to perform these actions, boosting the chance, until they are confident enough to attempt the “Bake it!” action.

Q – What are Sugar Cubes?

A – Sugar Cubes are a new resource, similar to Energy, that your Sim uses during a Sweet Treat Challenge. Sugar Cubes are required for many of the prep actions your Sim can do. Your Sim will get a full bar of Sugar cubes at the beginning of each challenge, but keep in mind that it doesn’t refill over time, and it doesn’t refill at the start of a round! So be careful to conserve it throughout the whole challenge!

Q – Can I get more Sugar Cubes in a challenge?

A – You can purchase extra Sugar Cubes with SimCash, and sometimes you might see a prep action that awards extra Sugar Cubes as well.

Q – What are all the other types of prep actions that I can see in the Sweet Treat Challenge?

A – There are lots of other types of prep actions aside from those that boost your “Bake it!” chance. They may offer various rewards, such as Sweet Treat Tokens, Royal Treat Tokens, Fashion Gems, Life Tickets, or Simoleons. Keep in mind that these rewards will go into your Prize Basket – so you have to claim them after a round or win the challenge to lock them in!

Q – How do I collect the rewards from my Prize Basket?

A – The contents of your Prize Basket can be claimed by winning a round, and then selecting the “Collect and Quit” option. Alternatively, your Prize Basket will all be automatically claimed if you win the final round of a challenge.

Q – What’s the difference between the various opponents in the Sweet Treat Challenge?

A – Some of the Sweet Treat Challenge Opponents are more skilled than others! The more skilled the opponent, the more rounds there are in the challenge. Opponents with more rounds will also offer more rewards – the high level rounds can give large amounts of Sweet Treat Tokens and Royal Treat Tokens!

Q – How can I view the contents of my Prize basket?

A – You get to see it in between each round of the Sweet Treat Challenge. If you’re in the middle of a round, you can tap the ‘View’ button on your Sims’ status panel to see the contents of your Prize Basket, as well as an overview of the challenge rounds.

Q – How do I get my Sim out of a Sweet Treat Challenge if I don’t want to finish it?

A – If you visit the challenge overview screen by tapping the ‘View’ button, you’ll see an option to Forfeit. This will award your Sim with the consolation prize and end the challenge. However – it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s no reason not to just try the ‘Bake it!’ action and see what happens! Even if your Sim doesn’t succeed, they’ll still get the consolation prize, but you have a chance to win and claim your Prize Basket!

Bonus Tips!

  • Remember that your Sim won’t get extra Sugar Cubes each round, so try to conserve them across the whole challenge!
  • You don’t always have to try and make it all the way to the end of a challenge. Sometimes the smart choice is to play it safe and lock in the contents of your Prize Baskets in an earlier round.

Are there any questions you have or steps that may be missing? Let me know on Twitter @SimGuruVix!

See you at the Showdown!

Vix xo

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