SIMposium: Patricia’s journey in Sims 3 World Adventures – Facts

The Sims 3 World Adventures:
Now this is the part you’ve all been waiting for, isn’t it? Since there is so much to tell about different subjects in the game I will have to split it in different categories. Or else I will get lost in my own words. First you will be able to read facts I’ve written down during the first demo on the first day. Some facts might be known already while other facts might be new to you. I will put them all down anyway just to be sure I cover it all.

The ‘Did you know?’ Facts:
– Statues can be moved into different angles. You can go for the option ‘push’ or ‘pull’. That will make the statue move 1 tile. If you choose for ‘pull far’ or ‘push far’ your Sim will move the statue more then 1 tile.
– When your Sims explore a tombe they can get a fear moodlet. If your Sim is too feared it will not explore the tombe anymore because he/she is too scared.
– When you find ancient coins in tombes on the floor, or in treasure chests you can spend it on special items or a bonus.
– If you find 10 fragments in tombes you can build a piece of a tombe at your Sims house.
– You can fish up frogs, crocodiles and snails. You probably need fishing skill level 4 or higher to catch them while fishing.

– You need a certain keystone to open a next door. There are different keystones like a heart, star, half moon and more.
– The creators of The Sims 3 World Adventures tried to make the Sims be funny while exploring a tombe. For example: if your Sim is trying to chop down some stones in a corner, he/she will scratch their pixel butt if it takes long.
– Did you know roof sculptures have been added in the game. Very beautiful if I may say so.
– Some entrances need a quest from the job board located on the base camp, or a quest from a local Sim, before they can be opened.
– Your Sim can buy a scooter from a store and put it in her/his inventory. If they need to go somewhere far they’ll automaticly take the scooter.

– Sometimes you get the scooter automaticly while going somewhere, without even owning it.
– Did you know treasure chests have the option ’take all’ when your Sim opens it. It has been added because sometimes there is junk in it so you can select what you want. Other times everything you find in the chest is great so it’s easier to click on ’take all’.
– Your Sims can buy as many vacation homes as they want, there is actually no limit. Even if you want your Sim to have 6 different vacation homes you can do it, all you need is Simoleons and a good Visa level.
– Your Sim can also buy a piece of land on a little island, all you need to know is how to get on the island.
– You can learn local songs from local Sims, probably 2 songs per land.
– There is a automic record in the game which saves the data of your adventures. For example: how many times have you visited a tombe, or how many times have you been cursed by a mummy and so on.
– When your Sim explore the tombes more and they succeed more times they will actually become better at it. The more succes your Sim has, the less failures it will know.
– There are 2 different kind of tents. The first is a simple tent like the ones you see on the base camps. The other one is more advanced from the outside. You can’t go in them, but you do get to carry them in your inventory and place them anywhere it’s possible. Do remember to pick them up though!
– Your Sims vacation days varies between 3 to 12 days. It depends on your Visa level how many days you get to go. Or you can buy a extra bonus with ancient coins to add extra days.
– The names of the Sims in different lands are made to fit with the land they live in. So Egypt names won’t show up in France, etc.
– You can’t choose the color of the fireworks in China, but you do get to choose the kind of explosion you want to see.
– In China there are hidden staircases all over town.

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