SIMposium: Patricia’s journey in Sims 3 World Adventures – China


When playing the Sims World Adventures I send my Sim to China first. I was very curious about China because I knew it was going to be beautiful, which it was. It’s peaceful and it actually reminds me a bit of the old “China” part from The Sims 2. There is so much to discover and so many nice buildings. There is even a fortune cookie machine that has two options for your Sim. You can either get a cookie, open it and eat it. When you do that a text with the fortune will pop up on the upper right of your screen. Grant told me that the lines in the game were actually random lines from the EA producers they made up. Someone kept all the lines in a notebook so they adventually put it in the game. But the fortune cookie machine also has a option that makes you create your own lines. Your Sims will be able to pick them out as well in a cookie. I think that’s a wonderful feature that fits in the line of the producers wanting to give the player more power in the game. Even though it’s just a tiny bit of power.

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Table of contents
Interview with Grant Rodiek
World building tool
Worlds and Gameplay
China (You’re currently reading this page)
Clothes and hair

Patricia’s screens page

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