SIMposium: Patricia’s journey in Sims 3 World Adventures – Egypt

We have all seen the great land Egypt for a while before the Simposium. I honestly thought I’ve seen it all because of all the previews about Egypt, but boy.. was I wrong! The pyramids are wonderful, especially at night because this bright yellow light shines on the buildings. Also the houses are so nice and detailed. The clothes and the dresses are very nice indeed, makes you feel like you’re visiting the original land ingame while it’s just a rough copy of real life. Being a snake charmer is very cool by the way, you need to practice before the snake comes out and dances on your music, if you’re not that good yet the snake will come out when it feels like it. If your Sim gets impatient he/she will feel with his/her hand in the snake basket. The snake didn’t bite my Sim though, luckily.

When you zoom out and look in the far distance you can even notice the heat of the desert which makes everything kind of fuzzy like it does in real life.

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Table of contents
Interview with Grant Rodiek
World building tool
Worlds and Gameplay
Egypt (You’re currently reading this page)
Clothes and hair

Patricia’s screens page

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