SIMposium: Patricia’s journey in Sims 3 World Adventures – Interview

Interview with Grant Rodiek – Sims 3 associate producer:

While playing The Sims 3 World Adventures some fansites also had a chance to interview Grant about the game. Of course I asked my community about some questions they wanted to get answered and asked Grant about it.

Unfortunatly he couldn’t answer too much because there is so many information about the game. I would get a e-mail with some confirmed answers, although I’m still waiting for that e-mail. So here are the questions I got answered.

Are the Sims able to swim in the sea, make sand castles and get sun burned?
No, none of that is possible in The Sims 3. They especially focussed on different lands in the game, and of course the explore parts.

Does the nectar your Sim make have a special side effect when they drink it?
No, there is no special side effect. There is however the good and the bad moodlet. Your Sim may like the nectar he/she drinks, but he/she can also dislike it. That gives the Sim a moodlet for a period of time.

Why isn’t there a special video anymore when your Sim has his/her first kiss, or on the moment when they get married for example?
The community didn’t specificly asked for this option to return. There were people who loved it, but the majority wanted other special things added in the game.

Will there be new child-toddler or toddler-child interactions?
Yes, there are new interactions. There are also child-child interactions included.

What color has the ghost of a Sim who died from a mummy curse?
It’s either black or gold. (Personally I think Grant wanted to leave the color in the middle so we have to find out for ourselves.

If a family has emptied a pyramid, and they come back after a few Sim hours on the same day, will the pyramid still be empty?
If you cleared a pyramid or a tombe and you come back later that day the treasures will be reset, however the traps will still be unlocked from the first time you visited that place. You can either find other ways to explore the same pyramid/tombe or you can leave the land and come back again to do the same routine.

Are there any new careers?
Except for the idea of selling self made nectar, becoming the new crocodile dundee or being a fotographor there a no other new “official” careers.

Are Sims able to write caligraphy? (A certain style of writing)

Will body shop return?
Grant wasn’t really able to answer this question. As he tried to find a way out of this question it was clear to me there is more behind this idea. So keep your eyes and ears open people!

Will the ‘sethour’ cheat return?
Sethour isn’t in The Sims 3 because there is already some sort of advanced time cheat going around. (Personally I’m not aware of cheats at all, I never cheat(!). But I would get a clear answer on this in a e-mail.)

What will happen to your Sims tomb stone if they die in a tomb or pyramid?
The stone will go Sunset Valley or Riverview, to a family member of even the graveyard. But if the Sim has no other relatives the tomb stone will stay at the place where he/she died. Grant wasn’t sure how long the tomb stone would stay in the tomb/pyramid though.

As I mentioned before I would get a e-mail with some more detailed and clear answers on some of the questions I asked. So if you read this Grant: get your EA bum behind the computer and send me some answers, pretty please.

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